The Books Gamal Abdel Nasser used to Read


1.During his Secondary School Years

ID Title Author
1 Grey Wolf, Mustafa Kemal: An Intimate Study of a Dictator H. C. Armstrong
2 Gordon at Khartoum John Buchan
3 Bonaparte : Governor of Egypt Charles F. Roux
4 My Early Life: A Roving Commission Winston Churchill
5 Alexander the Great Arthur Weigall
6 Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire Headlam-Morley
7 Foch, the Man of Orleans Liddell Hart
8 Garibaldi: The Man and the Nation Paul Frischauer
9 Hindenburg and the Saga of the German revolution Emil Ludwig
10 Lawrence and the Arabs Robert Graves
11 Marlborough and the Rise of the British Army C. T. Atkinson
12 Men and Deeds John Buchan
13 Napoleon Emil Ludwig
14 Soldiers & Politicians (2 vols.) Robertson
15 T. E. Lawrence'; in Arabia and After Liddell Hart
16 Imperial Military Geography D. H Cole
17 Whose Sea? A Mediterranean Journey George Martelli
18 Inside Europe John Gunther
19 Yesterday and Today in Sinai C.S. Jarvis
20 The Palestine Campaigns Archibald Wavell
21 The World Crisis Winston Churchill
22 Gallipoli John Masefield
23 The Campaign of the Marne Sewell Tyng
24 German Strategy in the Great War Philip Neame
25 A History of the World War, 1914-1918 Liddell Hart
26 The Strategy of the Egypt and Palestine Batle (1917-1918) Kirse
27 Gordon and the Sudan B. M. Allen
28 Napoleon and Waterloo : the Emperor's Campaign with the Armée du Nord, 1815 : a Strategical and Tactical Study (2 Vols) A.F. Becke
29 The River War Winston Churchill
30 History of Palestine & Syria Olmstead
31 Percival George Elgood Percival George Elgood
32 British Strategy Sir Frederick Barton Maurice
33 A Book on Glorious Deeds Kinyon Wayne
34 My First Voyage To Southern Seas W.H.G. Kingston
35 Training on Using Guns Official British References
36 History of the Egyptian Revolution 1,2,3 Abdel-Rahman El-Rafey
37 Weekly Times Journal of London Independent Photography
38 The Army Magazine (Out every 3 months)  
39 The Royal Army Newspaper Fighting forces
40 The Journal of Geography  
41 Egyptian Gazette Daily newspaper

2.During the Royal Military Academy Years

ID Title Author
1 Japan Fights for Asia John Goette

Why was Japan Powerful?

John Patrick
3 Grant and Lee Major General J. F. C. Fuller
4 Kitchener Pollard
5 The Rise of General Bonaparte Spenser Wilkinson
6 Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War (2 Vols.) GFR Henderson
7 World In Arms A Study in Military Geography Ernest Dupuy
8 The Encyclopedia Of Military History (24 Vols.) Ernest Dupuy
9 The dangerous sea: the Mediterranean and its Future George Slocombe
10 England in The Mediterranean (2 Vols.) Corbett
11 The Geography of the Mediterranean Region its Relation to Ancient History Ellen Churchill Semple
12 The Mediterranean in Politics Elizabeth Monroe
13 Mediterranean Problems Gordon East
14 Suez and Panama Andre Siegfried
15 Forty Days In 1914 Frederick Maurice
16 The British Campaign in Mesopotamia (1914-1918) (4 Vols) (Official British Sources)
17 Military Operations: Egypt and Palestine (2 Parts & maps) (Official British Sources)
18 Military Operations: France and Belgium (2 Parts & maps) (Official British Sources)
19 Real War Liddell Hart
20 اWar In The Air (3 vols. & Maps) Walter Raleigh, HA Jones
21 The Battles of the British Army R. M. Blackwood
22 The British Campaign in Egypt 1882 (maps) (Official British Sources)
23 Decisive Wars of History Liddell Hart
24 The Egyptian Soudan Henry S. L. Alford and W. Dennistoun Sword
25 The Battles of the British Army Robert Melvin Blackwood
26 Strategic Study and Tactics Kirsy
27 Military organization and administration W. G. Lindsell
28 From Gibraltar to Suez : the battle of the Middle Sea Lord Strabolgi
29 The Middle East Economic Development Boon
30 War for the Global Authority Strategicos
31 Allenby in Egypt Wavell
32 Egypt and the Army P. G. Elgood
33 Egypt Since Cromer (2 Vols.) G. A. Lord Lloyd
34 The Suez Canal Arnold T. Wilson
35 The Egyptian Problem Sir Valentine Chirol
36 The Making of Modern Egypt Auckland Colvin
37 Modern Egypt (2 Vols.) Evelyn Baring Cromer
38 The transit of Egypt P. G. Elgood
39 The Officers’ Guide (Official Source- USA)
40 How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie
41 War and the Psychological Conditions of Peace William Brown
42 War with no Cannons William Brown
43 Makers of Modern Strategy : Military Thought from Machiavelli to Hitler Edward M. Earle
44 On War (3 Vols) Carl von Clausewitz/td>
45 Principles of War Carl von Clausewitz
46 Tomorrow’s War Stephen Busoni
47 Commando : Diaries of a soldier from the Boars during the Boar War Denis Ritz (Introduction by General Smats)
48 Air Strategy Captain Norman Macmillan
49 The Mystery of Reich W. Williams
50 The Story of the Submarine G. Jackson
51 Education and the Army Lord Gorell
52 The French Revolution Hilaire Belloc
53 The Oxford War Atlas  
54 Machine Warfare Major JFC Fuller
55 The Admission Test Colonels  
65 The History of The Admittance Test for the College of Colonels Egyptian official sources
57 Brief Statement on the Advance of the Egyptian Campaign (1914–1918) Official Sources
58 The People of the Cave Tawfiq Al-Hakim
59 A Brief Outline of the Campaign in Mesopotamia R. Evans
60 The 3rd Year of the War (in photos)  
61 Hitler: A Biography

Konrad Heiden

62 Mediterranean Assignment Richard Macmillan